Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So we all want to learn how to do that famous  Kim Kardashian under eye concealer look that Mario Dedvianio created....... my hero :p

I have made my own version of this look to teach you since, theres not a whole lot of tutorials out there explaining how to properly do this look ( well I couldn't find a whole lot anyway )

Enjoy :) Hope you learn some good techniques

kamano brush

Products I used

Maybelline Invsible Concealer


Jo Fresh Beauty Blender

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 125

Quo Total Perfection Face Primer

Keri Long Lasting Hydration Loation

Physicians Formula pressed powder

Bronzer brush

Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzer

Maybelline Coverstick Corrector Concealer

 OK so this is the lotion I use to moisturize my face, I wash it first and then moisturize it. This lotions is really good cause it kinda highlights your face and makes it look nice and dewy.

  squirt a little tiny amount on your fingers ( if you have sensitive skin make sure you wash your hands good or dirt will get in and clog your pores)

Rub your moisturizer all over your entire face.

OMG my nails are so disgusting!!!! No one look!!!

Skin will look dewy and shiny

We want to make sure we cover up all flaws so are skin looks near perfect, so say goodbye to those ugly dark circles and puffy  bags and lets not forget those ugly enlarged pores, and random redness patches. yucky!

Next step is primer. Primer helps your makeup last longer without falling off your face, or sweating off hehehhe

Don't use alot of primer it'll clog up your face and feel gross. Use just a drop trust me it'll cover your entire face.

Now it's time to put our foundation on. I use Maybelline Fit, but when I've been tanning I use the 125 is a darker shade but usually I use the 115

I use a kamano brush to put the foundation on my face.

Pat the dipped kamano brush all over your face.

Then blend it in by swirling the kamano brush all over the patted areas on your face and blend it into your skin.

End result will be a nice smooth even skintone

So for the undereye concealer I use two different types of concealer
Liquid concealer

and creme concealer

I use the creme concealer first and start at the tearduc of my eye and pat the concealer right underneath my eye.

Pat all the way across your face even at the side of your face where the tip of your ear is.

It'll look like this after the creme concealer make sure you get right across to your hairline

Then dot the liquid concealer ontop of the creme concealer.

OK so that's all done now it's time to blend that shit in!

Using a beauty blender start dapping in the concealer underneath your eye

If you need a video on how to blend click below.

The videos a little out of focus but you can see how I'm using the beauty blender to dap in the concealer.

After you have blended in the concealer it'll look light underneath your eye.

Also makesure you blend really well right under your eye or itll cake up and get in the line and make you look yucky. ( mines caking a little bit in this picture )

After you have blended all the concealer in you need to finish of with some powder.
You should always set your foundation with some kind of powder.

I use physicians formula, but trust me this isn't my favorite powder in fact I'm not a big fan of it at all but when the makeup budget is low you gotta get the cheaper stuff lol
My favorite powder to use is MAC but of course if you don't want to pay an arm and a leg you go for something cheaper like this . :p

I use a bronzer brush to brush the powder on my face.

Swirl it in

and give a light dust all over your face make sure you get the areas where you put your concealer so your blending the colors all in so theres no rough lines.

Then use some kind of bronzer, like I said about the powder, this bronzer is'nt my favorite but I use it becasue I was on the poor side and this bronzer does the trick.

Make sure you don't put alot of bronzer on your face it'll make your face look like its dirty, also watch out for the famous bronzer mustache.......ahhhh no one wants that!

Another thing with bronzer is don't put it all over your face just the cheeks a little on the nose and chin and a small dust on the forehead too much bronzer looks bad.

The end result is a nice tan face with a bright undereye, I do notice when I wear the Kim K under eye concealer trick and I take a picture the flash from the camrea reallylights up underneath my eye and makes me look young and fresh.

 I LOVE IT!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little demon if you have any questions feel free to comment or email me.



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