Friday, August 24, 2012


Hey guys so I decided to post one of my favorite looks, it's a brown smokey eye with a wing.
I wear this look all the time a lot of the time I don't wear eyeliner with it tho but to turn this look from daytime to night time just add some eyeliner and the your look is complete.
Before I did my eye makeup I prepped my face did my eyebrows and foundation so all I had to do was my eye make.
I used three different brushes to create this look
1. was a thick shadow brush as seen in step 2 I used the darkest brown from my palette on this brush and dusted it into the crease and above the crease of my eye, make sure you curve it around the top of your eyelid be sure not to get on your eyelid.
2. brush I used was the Crease brush as seen in step 3 I used the second darkest brown in my palette and used this right in the crease but not above it. I also used this at the edge of my eye.
3. brush I used was a a flat brush I forgot to post a picture sorry guys, but I used this to apply the lightest brown right on my eyelid.
The rest is noted above.
Thanks for reading guys and please comment or email
If you read this blog post and thought my method of a tutorial was comfusing please comment and let me know.

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