Sunday, September 23, 2012


I was watching a couple videos the other day of fashion shows and  I looked at the graceful size 0 models graze down the runway, I was intrigued by their makeup, it was very soft and natural with a perfect healthy glow that made he believe they actually ate some meals in order to maintain such a healthy looking glow, but it's all in the makeup, not saying models don't eat hehehe

The trick to the glow isn't hard at all you just need the right products and you need to know the right places to apply those products.

OK so I'm going to list some natural ways to get super healthy glowing skin.

Drink tons of water, this cleans out all the toxins from your body making your skin look healthy and glowing.

Different vitamins do different things for your body, taking vitamin A, E and C help maintain healthy hair and skin.

Moisturizing your skin can make it look healthy, I use Aveeno moisturizer, as I have extremely dry skin, this moisturizer, moisturizes for 24 hours and really gets deep into your skin, I'll use this moisturizer for a week straight and notice how much better and more healthy my skin looks.

OK so those are some natural ways and here's the make up.

( click to enlarge, bloggers be stupid and won't let me resize it :(  )
1. The before picture, taken without any makeup on, ahhhhh looks like a mugshot.
2.  Apply primer to entire face, just use a little bit because it goes a long way. Make sure you get under your eyes really well.  I used Quo total perfection face primer.
Then apply your foundation with a foundation brush ( or whatever you choose to use ) all over your face and blend until your entire face is covered. I used Fit Me! Maybelline, New York, 115 with e.l.f foundation brush.
3. Shade and clean up your eyebrows, sorry mine weren't done very well and it really shows in these pictures. Shade them in and clean them up. I used Perfect point plus eye pencil, grey khaki.
4. Apply concealer underneath your eyes to cover  dark circles, puffiness and to highlight, dot the concealer down to your nostril and then back up to the end of your eye, its kinda a v shape, as seen in picture 4. I used Maybelline, New York, cover stick, concealer, corrector and covergirl, inisible concealer.
5. Blend the undereye concealer into your face by using a beauty blender or some kind of sponge, and dap the concealer blending it into your skin. I used Joe fresh, beauty blender
6. Apply some pressed power to set your foundation and to make the concealer look a bit more natural. I used Physicans formula Powder with a powder brush from Quo.
7. Apply a highlighting cream or powder to the tip of your nose and the tops of your checks to give you a dewy skin glow. I used maioou cooked magic finish powder. Use a bit of bronzer for a more tanned look on your cheeks this also makes the concealer look more natural. I used rimmel shimmersun maxi bronxer. I also dusted a bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks. I used vasanit, rockies blush.
8. After you have applied all your make up it's good to set it all with some thermal water, shut your eyes and stand back from the bottle and spray your entire face and let dry. I used Av'ene thermal spring water for sensitive skin.
And there you ladies have it, flawless, dewy skin. The makeup magic way.
I am not wearing any eye makeup just a bit of mascara, I wanted my face to really stand out.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial
love you

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