Friday, September 28, 2012



I was thinking the other day about how I could really help women get the most out of their makeup and I came up with a great idea.

I know all you women out there get bored with your makeup looks, I know I do and when you want a change you can't seem to find one that fits your style or find one at all.  I'm here to help.

So this is going to be called the makeup corner, and what we do in the makeup corner is I create a custom designed look for you personally, all you guys have to do is  comment in the comment box and tell me a couple things about yourself, like...

Hair Color : Example - Blonde, brown.....
Skin tone : Example - Light beige
Eye color : Example - Blue
Problem area : Example - Dark circles underneath eyes, small eyelids.....
Favorite Color palette : Example - Browns and greys
Celebrities Makeup you love : Example - Megan Fox
What you do and don't like when wearing makeup : Example - I don't like shaded brows, I do like nude lips.

Occasion : Example - Evening out, everyday wear, date night......
Time of day : Example - Day or night
Time needed for look : Example - 1 week from today, December 27 2012.......

If you can upload a picture to my email it would be a lot easier for me to see what looks would suit you best.

You can either fill out the short request form which is commenting in the box, or you can email me a full request with your photo. email

And my work is to customized the perfect look for you based on the information you provided me with. If your looking for a sexy smokey club look for a evening out on the town but can't seem to come up with anything you like. Put your request in here and I'll come up with the perfect smokey eye for you needs, or maybe your bored of your everyday look and are looking for something soft you can wear everyday, I will deliver a step by step tutorial and a list of products I used so you can copy my look and have a brand look.

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