Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I was recently made aware of this really cool new makeup app, created by Veronica Chanthavong coming out in January 2013. Let me give you some sneak peek details on this handy little app.

Do you every wonder what makeup colors look good on you? Or weather a look is right for the evening or maybe it's more of a daytime look. Can't seem to find makeup colors that match you? Well that's where "Makeup Match Me" comes in handy, you can choose a model that match's you, and this app shows you looks and colors that best suit you.  Also why not learn some makeup tips along the way, well this app does that as well. So if your just plain confused on makeup shades and which ones match your skin color, or eye color then this app is for you. I'm always having trouble finding the right lipstick for my makeup looks, that I try on a couple and wipe them off with Kleenex before I actually pick the one that matches. Makeup Match Me would def save me some time and save me  Kleenex too. It's pure genius!

If you like the eyeshadow but can't seem to find the right shade of lipstick you can just search and change that part of your face. Learn which looks go with which outfits so you never have a mismatched moment again.

Even makeup artists are saying this is a great app for everyone including pros and amateurs. It's suited for everyone and you won't be disappointed.

App Cost $0.99  in the App Store


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This app was created by Veronica Chanthavong

Def check out the app makeup geeks and see what you think :)

Happy holidays


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