Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MY LOOK - Grey Cup Party, Smoking Hot

Tonight was of course the Grey Cup, and with this season of hockey being in lockout, hockey fans everywhere are growing restless, and finding themselves converting to football  ( Including my boyfriend )  So the grey cup parties this year were much bigger and better, a nice evening out full of ranting, raving men and yes even some women ( I prefer to stick to hockey ) I sat quietly and watched a pointless game because I have no god damn clue what's going on.

One thing I do know is makeup and that's what I'm trying to get to the point about but my mind is traumatized by screaming teenagers and yes old men, as someone scored a touchdown ( first touchdown I jumped out of my pants when they started screaming, scared the crap out of me ) If that's what a touchdown is hahha same thing as a goal right?

K so for this rather interesting evening out I planned on doing it up just a bit, I went with dark eyeliner on the upper lash line and dark eyeliner on the lower water line. I used dark browns for a smokey look, because I didn't want to look like a stripper at the grey cup party. I had a soft golden shimmery brown from the sunset palette from sleek makeup on my eyelid and then in my crease I had soft to darker browns to really envisize my eye.

My foundation was pretty normal although i wish I either contoured a bit or used more bronzer because my face looked a bit pale. It's hard now that it's winter I have to change my foundation since I lost my tan and I'm now a paler foundation. I'm looking to change foundation altogether anyway.

I must say I was looking fine, put my hair up in a nice bun and wore a snazzy outfit, I got a couple looks my way, but i also had a 1 1/2 year old in my arms wiggling around so you could see why the attention was short lived. ( had to bring my daughter to the PG grey cup party since we didn't have a babysitter, so don't judge :p )

Achieving The Look



1. Apply a light grey from your crease all the way to just under your brown bone, this will be your base color so just apply a little but make sure it covers the entire area from your crease to just under your brow bone.
2. Apply a grey that's a shade darker then in step 1 and apply it to the same area but don't expand it as much as you did in step 1. Instead stick to more of the edge of the eye and don't go near the tear duct
3. Apply a darker grey in the crease and blend it well into the grey already there from steps 1  and 2 .
4. Take a smudge brush and apply either a black or a really dark grey and apply it to the v area of your eye and blend it into your crease.
5. Apply a shimmery but soft color to your eyelid, I used a golden brown color for my eyelid.
6. Apply a thick layer of liquid eyeliner to your upper lash line and flick it at the end to create a dramatic wing.
7. Take a smudge brush and get some dark grey and smudge it underneath your lower lashes to create that smokey eye. Make sure you really blend it by going back and forth, you can apply a little bit of black eyeliner underneath your lower lash line just make sure you smudge it really well. That's the trick to a really perfect smokey eye, blending.
8. Apply black eyeliner to your lower water line.
9. Coat your upper lashes with a thick mascara as well as your lower lashes. Tip - Use to different mascaras for your upper and lower lashes. I use a thicker mascara for my upper lashes that just doesn't work for my lower lashes, so I use a mascara that's thinner but makes my eyelashes really long without clumps.
10.  Apply a highlighter to your brow bone, I just use a white shimmery eyeshadow.
All done and look hot!
Products used
Sleek makeup sunset palette
Lo real million dollar lashes
cover girl lash fusion mascara
maybelline master persice liquid eyeliner
maybelliner twist up eyeliner

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