Thursday, December 20, 2012

MY LOOK - Dark red and glittery gold Christmas nails

I recently picked up a couple shades of Maybellines nail polish, color show ( review coming soon ) I picked up a deep red called, paint the town and I thought it was a perfect shade for the Holidays. I also had Nicole by O.P.I, a glittery gold color, so I decided to paint one nail on each hand the glittery gold and the rest the dark red by Maybelline. Just switching it up a bit :p

But theres a trick to these nails, since I hate spending hours painting them to just have them chip after one day,  I invested in some gel nail polish, for those of you who don't know what gel nail polish is welcome to one of the best nail inventions ever.

First of all you have to have a UV lamp to dry the gel, it's what make the gel so shiny and durable without the UV lamp the gel will not dry and just stay sticky and yuck, ruining your nails. There kinda expensive but if you look on eBay or Amazon you can find one for cheaper, I bought one for $35 on eBay.

Now to get to the gel, I looked everywhere for this gel and bought something from sally Hansen that I thought was gel, but it turned out it wasn't ( review soon to follow ) Then I found this gel nail polish by Kiss. They have a lot of different nail products and I have used there acyclic nail set before and I liked it quite a bit. This gel nail polish cost me $ 11.56 and what you do is you apply it after your nails are painted and dry and then cure it with the UV lamp, it takes about 2 minutes, the bottle says 60 seconds but I left them in longer and they dry rock hard and Chip free for up to 14 days.

Thing is on the Kiss gel packaging it says to use the Kiss gel color nail polish and then the Kiss clear gel over top and cure, so I was hoping that it would work with nail polish that wasn't the kiss brand since they didn't really have a lot of colors. I tried and it does work but when you cure the gel nail polish it doesn't harden right away. I had to paint a thin layer of clear polish over it and then do something for awhile that didn't involve me using my hands and it did dry but it def took longer.

I will for sure be either looking for a Gel polish that you can use with any nail polish or I'll have to stick to buying the Kiss gel nail colors because it took way to long for my nails to dry.

Will say there still perfect and chip free so I'm happy about that but I think I'll look for a different gel polish that I can use with any nail polish

send my pictures of your gel nails.

If you have gel polish you use and love give me some heads up and I'll look for it I need a new one to try.

Klassy Kassie

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