Friday, December 21, 2012

Tattoo makeup that you apply yourself?

Yesterday I was rather bored and lonely so I popped on twitter to see what the world of awesome, glamorous, famous, people were up to and I found a neat little video from Kandee Johnson. I'm a big fan of Kandee, she's so funny and awesome and I always watch her videos because there so frigging entertaining.

OK back to the video, so theres these really neat tattoo eyeliners out recently. There tattos you apply to your eye in a eyeliner shape. Its the same as applying a fake tattoo, only its eye safe and it looks like real eyeliner! Plus they come in different colors and designs, they look so awesome.

Watch the video below I stole from's mind blowing.

The eyeliner tattoos are designed by Violet Lips and they don't just have tattoo eyeliner but they also have tattoo lipstick in tons of different patterns and shades. There not to expensive which makes them super tempting. As far as I can see from visiting their site is, they currently only have tattoo eyeliner and lipstick but they have tons of different lipsticks.Check out their website above on how to apply their tattoo eyeliners and lipsticks and see what they offer.

Truly awesome!


  1. I love stuff like this! I think this will make any girl feel like she got her lips done by a professional makeup artist!

    xo, N

  2. I agree I think it is an amazing idea and so creative