Sunday, October 14, 2012

The WISH LIST - My Must have Fall 2012 Makeup Palettes

 I wanted to start doing a new piece that I'm going to be posting every weekend on Sunday, it's going to be called The Wish List and I'll tell you a bit about it

Over the past month or so I've been adding products to my Amazon wish list, everything from lipstick to concealer and in between and I decided to post some of my favorites from each category.
I have gathered information from a lot of different makeup professionals on and they have helped me find some amazing products that I'd love to share with all my makeup geeks out there. The images and Prices featured below are from

So, with further or due I intoduce to you my top must have fall makeup palettes.

1. One of the must have fall makeup palettes is Urban Decay Naked, featuring really pretty neutral shades great for fall and all year around. There palettes have great pigmentation and have amazing quality, which means a higer payout for you. This palette contains 12 gorgeous colors and also comes with a pro-quality brush. Although the price is a bit steep I think it's totally worth buying makeup that's more costly for better quality, which usually equals a higher payout, in some cases.
2. The second must have fall makeup palette is non other then Urban Decay Naked 2, very similar to Urban Decay Naked but featuring more taupe and greige neutrals then the first making, Naked 2. It was also the  most anticipated sequel to Naked collection and I anticipate there will be lots more to come.
Stila Ultimate Color Palette 66Pc
3. Ok I  promise this one isn't a Urban Decay palette hehehe. This really convenient and pretty 66pc palette is from Stila, a well known cosmetic company. It features 39 soft eyeshadows, 15 lip shades, 4 cheek colors, 4 lip brushes and 4 applicators, so your getting a lot of bang for you buck here ( I love saying that ) I'm not sure how much I would like the lip colors because I am really picky when it comes to lipsticks but the eyeshadows come in a variety of different shades and look shimmery and fun. You could create mutiple fall looks with just this one palette.
4.  MAC Viva Glam 20 features 20 creamy, metallic, colors just waiting to be played with. This palette seems to be a hot seller on the market and every time I try to purchase it from somewhere it seems to always be sold out. This is a older palette from MAC first coming out in 2011 featuring Lady Gaga as their collection "Viva Glam" spokesperson.

5. This fall I seem to be obsessed with purple shadows, I don't know why but here's a real showstopper from Bobbi Brown, called Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette, it is a limited edition which makes it even more important to run out and purchase.  Featuring 8 colors which give you everything you need to create a fabulous fall look. One light shade to use for a base, 6 shadows in medium shades for your lid and crease and a dark shade to use as a liner! Also includes a double sided brush- one for shadows and another for liner. I'm in love with this Bobbi Brown compact palette with a lovely metalized finish! Only thing is the price is like a stab to the heart.
Complement Palette
6. Coming in at 6th is a newly discover foursome of perfect and pretty purple ( my new fall 2012 obsessive color ) shades is, Illamasqua Complement Palette, featuring 4 romantic purple shades, perfect for creating a soft purple fall eye. These shadows are highly pigmented and combine shimmer and matte shades to create a soft metallic look. These are a must have if your looking for some shadows with high payoff.

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