Thursday, December 27, 2012

MY LOOK - Winter Sunset

I was extremely bored the other day so I thought I'd make a new makeup tutorial and I came up with this look. It's blue, light brown and gold. It's not for everyday wear but its kinda fun and colorful and I played up my blue eyes by lining my waterline with white eyeliner.
Wanna get this look then keep reading and I teach you. :)
1. Apply a soft brown to just your eyelid
2. Apply a line of dark brown to your crease.
3. Blend the dark brown into your crease and extend it upwards.

4. Apply a lighter brown just above your crease and extend it up to your brow bone.
5. Apply a darker brown in the crease and blend just into the crease.

6. Apply a blue on most of your eyelid but don't get it near the corner of your eye.

7. Apply either a darker or brighter blue in the crease and blend it upward into your middle crease.
8. Apply the blue that you used in the crease underneath your lower lash line and smudge it in.

9. Apply a light golden, yellow to the corner and tear duct of your eye. Then line the upper lash line with a nice thick black line of liquid eyeliner.
10. Line the lower waterline with white eyeliner, this will bring out the color of your eyes and give you a really young, fresh, clean look. Lining your lower waterline with white eyeliner is one of my favorite tricks.

11. In the tear duct of your eye highlight with a bit of white eyeliner and smudge it in using your finger or a brush.

Then all you need to do is slap on a couple coats of mascara and your dreamy, winter, sunset is complete.
I paired this look with a hint of coral, orange lipstick and I was ready to go. Maybe not the ideal lip color for this look.

Hope you enjoyed my makeup tutorial and don't by shy to leave some feedback I love hearing from you guys
Klassy Kassie
Keep it Klassy ladies

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