Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Mist and Lotion

So I thought it was only appropriate to do a post today about some Victoria's Secret products, seeing as tonight is the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion ( starts at 10pm) I received these two products as a gift last Christmas and cant stop using them, I'm in love with them. I use them every single day, although the mist is probably my favorite,  the lotion is really good too but I per fer to use the mist over the lotion.

Victoria's Secret, Love Spell - Cherry Blossom and Peach, fragrance mist smells so warm and floral. It doesn't have a sweet smell but more of a flower smell. It can be a bit harsh when you first spray it, until it settles on your body. It does have a very strong flower smell. I always use this after I get out of the shower for the days when I'm just chilling at home or when I'm out grocery shopping. Since I don't where perfume all the time a body mist is a nice in betweener for days when you don't wont to wear perfume or your not going out anywhere but want to smell good. It's not like perfume it doesn't sit with you all day but you do get bits of hints every now and then. It's very fresh and clean smelling which makes we feel all nice and warm inside :p

Victoria's Secret, Love Spell - Cherry Blossom and Peach, hydrating lotion is the body's mists partner in crime, making this a nice after shower set. The lotion is a bit on the runny side rather then the thick side, which I didn't like but it absorbs pretty well into your skin and gives your skin a nice floral scent. Smells the same as the body mist because its cherry blossom and peach. It's not too strong and the lotion does leave a bit of a  greasy feeling, but it's not  too annoying. I have extremely dry skin so not a lot of lotions work well on my skin, they usually have to be pretty special to work. I didn't feel like this lotion really relieve my super dry skin.


The packaging on both products was very pretty - kinda enchanting looking which fits the collection " Love spell " really well. Its very natural looking and pretty. The mist spray has a spray nozzle for applying just the right amount of mist. The lotion has a squeeze top which can get a bit messy. I love skin lotion with the pump top, they make everything so much easier.

Pros and Cons
Both the products are great and work really well. The smell of the mist had a bit of a strong floral smell which I didn't like, but once it settles it smells clean and fresh. The lotion smells good as well not as strong as the mist, but the lotion is a runny and can feel a bit greasy on the skin.
My Conclusion
Love the mist and would buy the other scent from the love spell body mist collection. I would not buy the lotion again nor try a different one.
My ratings
Scent - 5  Packaging - 9  Texture - 7   Quality - 8.5   Overall - 8

Hope you enjoy this product review

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