Monday, March 11, 2013

FIRST IMPRESSIONS - Neostrata Night Repair Cream

I tired a sample packet of this the other night and I wasnt really impressed with it, it didn't moisturize all that great, and it really didn't make my skin feel soft, or smooth, it didn't really do anything, that I  noticed. I would better spend my money on a cream that I can feel making my skin softer and more moisturized.

Neostrata Night Repair Cream, contains the synergistic duo, glycolic acid and Magnalys, revitalizes the skin's complexion leaving it moisturized and radiant looking.
What it does!
  • Revitalizes complexion, while moisturizing
  • Removes build-up of dead cells on the surface of the skin
  • Reveals radiant, younger-looking skin in just 10 days
  • Its ideal for all skin types and is made ot boost radiance and give your skin a nice glowing complexion, it's great for women over 30.

    Would I recommend this product to a friend: I would recommend it for a friend thats a little bit older whos looking for that glowy youthful complextion
    Would I purchase this Product: No, not at this time would I purchase this product, maybe when I'm a bit older and theres more of a need for it.
    Neostrata Night Repair Cream cost $34.00
    You can purchase it at shoppers Drug Mart Near you

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