Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Everyone wants to have their own personal makeup artist, jeez I was that dream could come true everyday hehehe but unless your a celebrity, extremely rich, or someone very important you don't have a makeup artist  so you kinda have to figure things out for yourself.

I love to learn different things from my favorite makeup artist and that's what I'm going to talk about today.

So one of my absolute favorite makeup artists is Mario Dedivanovic, he does make up for different celebrity's but my favorite looks are the ones he creates for Kim Kardashian.

He created the popular wedding look for Kim Kardashian, as soon as I seen her get married on live television I knew I had to google that makeup look, she look so beautiful.

Hes also known for that favorite bright young undereye concealer look that took me awhile to perfect and I'm still working on it!

Mario also does live workshops and if he ever comes to Canada I'll be sure to attend, I could learn a butt load from this makeup genius.

Here's a video below of a sneak peek from one of his makeup tutorials below.

 I use alot of his technique's because he makes a face look flawless without making it look like your wearing a pound of makeup.

I'll blog about his famous under eye concealer in my next tutorial and I'll show you all how to do it.

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