Monday, July 23, 2012


Every want those Megan Fox eyebrows?

Well I have and I've tried tons of different methods to perfecting the perfect eyebrow and I finally found the one that works for me.

So I am going to show you my method of doing my eyebrows, I am not a professional these are just some tricks I've picked up in my years and interest in beauty


OK first off these are the
tweezers I use to pluck those stupid long, ugly eyebrow hairs.

There nothing special just a pair I bought years ago, but they seem to be my favorite ones.

I know you can buy the really expensive pair at shoppers drug mart but I love mine, maybe when I get a little richer ( or rich at all ) I'll try out the 50 dollar pair, but for now I'm sticking to Ole besty.

 Oh yeah and for some reason I always go into a sneezing fit when I pluck my eyebrows heheheh I don't know why.

So the other thing is I usually pluck my eyebrows somewhere where theres natural light, because you can see all the really fine hairs, unlike when you pluck in the bathroom or something but its whatever you want.

I also use a double sided mirror, one side is normal and you flip it over, the other side is magnified

I bought this mirror from Home Sense, I think it cost about 15 dollars

The brand was RandK collections and I love this mirror

OK so you see where all the arrows are those are the areas you need to pluck the unwanted hairs.
Where the x is don't pluck or your eyebrows will look like this ( below )


I start right at the start of your eyebrow and work your way up, do  not over pluck!

Clean up the top of your eyebrow it'll really clean your eyebrows up, allot of people miss this step because they think you only pluck the underneath part of you eyebrow

Then pluck the underneath part of your eyebrow

Now its time to shade your eyebrows, this is what I use to shade my eyebrows I have kinda dark eyebrows so I use black.

This is my eyebrow/liner brush, it is another key part in doing your eyebrows, you need to buy the right brush.

Dip the end of your eyebrow brush in the powder ( the powder usually doesn't look like this but I dropped mine and it all crumbled ) dab the brush on a towel or toilet paper just to get rid of the loose powder that didn't hang on.
Then streak the eyebrow where the areas are a little bare or lighter to make a bolder eyebrow.

After your done shading your eyebrow should look something like this. See how the gaps have been filled and it doesn't look as thin.

Lets look at before and after pictures

See it looks much, much better. If you don't highlight your brows I find it ruins your whole makeup look, unless you have perfect eyebrows. I'll see girls who's makeup looks pretty good but their eyebrows look so bad that, that's all I'm concentrating on.

Another tip is you can wash your eyebrow brush and then dip it in your foundation and go along the out shape of your eye to make them look really clean, but I often don't do this step.

Well hope you guys liked this turtorial and check back for more.


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