Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hey guys so I wanted to tell you about this place in Barrie called Cosmetic Clearance Center, its on the left on st Vincent street, it's in a old looking warehouse they have tons of signs saying clearance and stuff like that, anyway I checked it out the other day as I heard they have some pretty good stuff.

They have tons of nail polish and nail stuff and tons of sally Hanson products along with tons of other stuff, the place is a bit sketchy at first but the people were super nice and the deals were so good.

Most things I seen were priced at about 4 bucks including nail polish and makeup brushes, they also had some mascara for 4 bucks too

I did see some MAC makeup in the glass display at the front but didn't see any prices I heard it's about 80% off the regular price.

Also tons of discount perfume and lip products!

So check it out you can get some good deals on makeup I bought 5 items and it cost me about 16 dollars so I was smiling ear to ear heheheh


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