Wednesday, August 15, 2012


OK this makeup look, looks amazing when it's a really bright sunny day out, it's a very light makeup look and it took me about 10 minutes to put together.

You need only a couple products and most of you already have these.

Ok so you need some kind of golden eyeshadow something bright but nothing to bright like purple or something were looking for a more Goldy, browny palette.

Grab some of the eyeshadow with your eyeshadow brush and lightly dust it on your eyelid ( you can put a little bit under your eye if you want a much brighter look )

After that Just apply some liquid eyeliner, I love maybelline eye studio master precise pencil it has a awesome tip on it and leaves a really clean black line in one easy stroke.

Once that's done take some kinda ultra black eyeshadow and dip your liner brush in it and pat along the black liquid liner line, just makes it look bolder and helps it to stay longer.

Last step is to coat those lashes girls!!! Put it on nice and thick. I love the orange cover girl mascara it's one of my favorites.

Thanks for reading guys I'll have more tricks and tips coming to be sure to check back and don't be shy, email me or leave a comment.


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