Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I have gone through a large portion of lipsticks always trying to find the right shade for the look I'm wearing.

I have spent a lot of money on these stupid things so I going to show which ones are my favorite and what look I like to pair them with.

So most of these colors are for summer and go good with a daytime or a nighttime look you just need to pair the shade right with the look your wearing, if you don't know what matches keep trying shades on and wiping them off until you find the perfect shade.

The Rimmel Pink Star 800 goes well with people with lighter hair and a little bit of a tan, you can wear either a smokey eye or a naturel eye it goes well with either.

The Revlon Super Luxurious 677 goes with a lighter face, darker hair and a smokey brown eye ( this colors kinda for fall more then summer )

I use the Gosh shade for a nice nude lip without any sparkle.

The covergirl shade is a really bright shade so I don't wear it as much as the other, usually only on occasion  but I like wearing a really nude eye with this shade so the lip really pops.

well guys theres a little post about my top 4 favorite lipsticks

If you have any questions please email or comment

Love you!


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