Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Let's talk about the over dramatic smokey look, I know I like to talk about the smokey look but its because so many people wear it as their every day look, it has transformed from the  night time look to the every day wear and people are succeeding in wearing this look all the time.

Take Victoria beckham she has the right features to wear this look as her everyday look, she has brown eyes, a dark complexion and dark hair, I find alot of celebrities with this look tend to wear the smokey look for their everyday look and they're rocking it.

Here's another celeb that loves to walk the red carpet wearing the smokey look and Eva is famous for her always smokey eye and it matches her perfectly.

She is also rocking the under eye concealer trick, I did a piece about it a little while ago showing pictures of Kim kardashian wearing the famous makeup artist trick.

Kim K is another famous celeb who is known for her smokey eye, shes also the one that uses the under eye concealer trick and rocks it, in this picture you can see how underneath her eyes and right above her cheeks it looks brighter and younger, that's the concealer trick doing its magic.

So now you know what it takes to rock this look get your makeup out and try it, see if you have the right complexion to wear this daring look as your everyday routine

Hoped you loved these brunette beauties rocking the sh*t outta the smokey eye


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