Thursday, October 11, 2012


So today I wanted to talk about hair. I know hair really isn't my thing but I wanted to share some tips with you about how to maintain healthy, shiny, silky smooth locks, because once upon a time my hair was fried, dead, and very dry and I tired everything, I googled the crap out of google trying to figure out a way to revive my poor hair. I found a couple things and decided to try them but it wasn't until I figured out a nice combination of products that my hairs state would improve.

The reason why my hair was so damaged was because as a kid I think I dyed it every color in the book, I also use to flat iron it every single day, sometimes more then once. By the time I actually cared about my hair it didn't care about me, it was horrible I had to cut it all off and let it grow out. After a couple years of leaving my hair I had nice long natural hair it wasn't perfect like the hair models on TV but it was much less damaged.

Then I had to screw it up again, I didn't want to be brunette anymore so I went and got it professionally colored......WRONG. The hair dresser messed my hair up and I had to go to a different salon and get it redone, that's when my hair started to get frizzy, it was always a big ball of knots, I couldn't leave it done or put it up because it was so dry and damaged it hurt to put it up and if I left it down it got extremely knotty.

OK so enough about my hair history, this is how I got my hair back to its natural health well still getting it colored every 3 months.

I used three products that really Improved my hairs texture and overall health

1. Before I  shower I apply a small amount of Coconut oil to the ends of my hair, and let it soak in for about ten minutes, I usually let it soak in well I'm working out. Now be careful cause if you put to much in, it can be really hard to get out. If you do want to do your whole head don't put a lot in or you'll have to wash your hair 15 times. It has a very strong coconut smell which some people like but I'm not a big fan of.

What I used - African Gold super rich formula coconut oil hair conditioner
Where I purchased - Shoppers Drug Mart

2. When I'm in the shower I wash my hair and then I apply a deep conditioner by Loreal. Be sure to squeeze all the water out of your hair before you apply the conditioner or it'll run all out with the water  and not absorb into your hair. Apply that and let it soak into your hair for at least 10 minutes then rinse out. The smell to this product is really powerful and makes your hair smell very nice but like I said with the coconut oil I don't really like this smell either.
What I used - L'OREAL Total Repair 5 Replenishing Mask
Where I purchased - Wal Mart

3.  Last step, after you've towel dried your hair and it's still quite damp apply some Moroccan argon oil. I pour a bit into my one hand and then rub my hands together and run them through my hair getting the ends really well. If you apply a lot to the roots of you hair it'll look greasy and you'll have to wash your hair after a day, So apply just a bit to your roots. I love the smell of this product it's very yummy.
What I used - renewing moroccan argan oil
Where I purchused - Wal Mart

I would only use these products together if you have very dry damaged hair, if you have oily hair these products might not be for you and might make your hair even more oily.
Use these products every time you take a shower, one product before, one during, and one after, and you will see results. You just have to stick with it.
I would also recommend washing your hair every 3 to 4 days, the more you wash your hair the dryer it gets.

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