Friday, October 12, 2012


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and to show my support and love for these extremely strong and beautiful women, I wanted to do a special Breast Cancer Awareness makeup look.

No one ever wants to hear the words " Breast Cancer" utter out of their doctors mouth. I can only imagine what these women go through the hell they must endure, the heart ache they face, but if we stand up as one and show our support to these women fighting for their lives maybe they'll see that a complete stranger cares and that will empower them and unite us all.

 I care and I will do my part as a woman to help breast cancer victims feel beautiful and to show them they are strong and will get through this.

I know this is just a makeup tutorial, but it's more then that to me, it's showing women that I care and I'm showing it in one of the only ways I know how.

I dedicate this look to all the women struggling or have struggled with breast cancer keep on fighting no matter what, this is for you.

Step 1 - Apply a light pink to your eyelid

Step 2 - Apply pink a shade darker then the one in step 1 in yours crease and above
Step 3 - Apply the darkest shade of pink add the end of your eye and extend up into your crease.
Step 4 - Apply a white highlighter on your brow bone and in the corner where your tear duct is.
Step 5 - Final step is to apply some mascara to the top and bottom lashes, you can always apply liquid eyeliner to your upper lash liner to make this look more dramatic but I chose not to.

There you go you should a popping pink eye, you can match it with a soft pink lipstick or lip gloss it really completes the look
Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this tutorial
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