Thursday, October 18, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust

A very long time ago I purchased a Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust pot and found it very interesting. This eyeshadow is a loose powder or "dust" as Annabelle calls it, it's  very shimmery and sparkly but not in the, I'm a porn star way, but more like a subtle shimmer its very elegant.

A little goes a long way with this stuff you need just the tinest bit on your brush and you pat it along your eyelid, if you pick up a lot on your brush your eyelid will look caked up and very shimmery, it's also very loose and can get all over your face if your not careful.

Instead of swiping it on you need to pat this dust on because swiping causes it go everywhere and it's very hard to wipe a million sparkles off your face. It will crease after a couple hours so make sure you apply eye primer before hand.

I purchased Solar which is a very light gold color, it makes blue eyes pop especially if its a nice bright sunny day. It would work nice for green eyes as well. It's very very high pigmented and has great quality.

I would not put this eyeshadow on by itself unless your going for a very nude look with minimum makeup. This shadow looks really bad if you use it only on you eyelid and apply liquid eyeliner because the colors so bright it makes your eyes look weird. I find it looks best when you mix a nice brown color into it and  dot the bottom lashes with some grey eyeliner.

Pros and Cons
To be honest there was much I disliked about this product. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the packaging, the hole is way to tiny and can be really hard to get the dust out, also It did crease but a lot of eye shadows do just be sure to prime them lids. I loved everything else about the pigment was rich and shimmery, the quality was very good for the price.
My Conclusion
I love these high-pigmented, mineral dust shadows and can't wait to purchase the whole collection.
My Ratings
Quality - 7   Packaging - 4  Pigment - 8.5  Hour Hold - 4  Texture - 5  Overall - 8.5
Where I purchased - Shoppers Drug Mart
Price - $8.50
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