Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Maybelline Master Precise By Eye Studio

 I know I haven't posted in awhile which is very unlike me since I post everyday even when I'm sick but I have been really sick lately and still am but I just couldn't help but post today I miss it so much. I didn't want to push it to far so I'm just going to do a simple product review :)

I use to buy the Cover girl liquid eyeliner but then Maybelline came out with a pen type liner. Let me explain I call liquid eyeliners that look like pens with a felt like tip pen liners they typically work better then most other  liners.

Maybelline Master precise comes in different tip shapes, they have a thick tip and a thinner tip for thicker lines or thinner lines. It does work very well and makes putting liquid eyeliner on easy and quick.

The thing with this eyeliner is you have to remember to put the lid on it when your done, I've left the lid off mine a couple times and it's pretty much garbage if you do, it drys out and you can use it, I even tried to soak it in some water to get it to work and it just made it worse, so always remember to put the lid back on it when your done.

It does bleed is a little bit but it's much better then the other drugstore liquid eyeliners and is so far my favorite drugstore liquid eyeliner.

Pros and Cons
The tip of this eyeliner makes is extremely easy and creates
 a precise perfect line works great for creating wings as well, the color is wonderful and it stays for a long time, only thing is it can bleed for some people but it's barely noticeable.

My Conclusion
My favorite drugstore liquid eyeliner hands down.
My Ratings
Quality - 7.5   Packaging - 5    Hour Hold - 7    Texture - 7   Overall - 8.5

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