Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This week I found a couple of really great products with low prices and high quality, besides that's what were looking for right?  I can not wait to go on a extreme makeup haul, I literally drooling right now just thinking about new makeup products. The why they mell when you unwrap them from they're tightly seal packages, the butterflies you get when you wake up in the morning because you know theres a bran new foundation waiting for on your makeup counter, they pride you hold as women and men stare are your freshly painted face with envy. God makeup is a good thing :p

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Every since I heard that this drugstore foundation as super great quality and can be compared to brand name foundations I've been dieing to get my hands on a bottle of this stuff to see if I like. If there one thing I'm picky about it's my foundation, no one whats to look like a birthday cake. This foundation isn't cakey, it has full ranger coverage and promises brand name results. I more of a creme foundation girl so I was thrilled when I seen they offer a creme version of this foundation

Yeah it may come in a smaller container but the formula is a lot more blendable then the liquid version. I have heard that the whippe version offer less coverage then the liquid version, so if you someone with really red areas or scars then I would go with the liquid version as it over full coverge where the cream version offers light coverage because it's a very light foundation, so you know caking isn't going top be a problem. I'm literally dieing to try this stuff, I actually might purchase it on ebay tonight yeaa! Thank the Lord Ole Mighty for visas  :p

( prices do not include shipping ) click link to directly take you there.

Price :

Revlon Website - $13.99 Creme $12.99 Liquid

Amazon -  $ 10.12 Liquid  $4.00 Creme

Ebay - $7.99 Liquid  $11.99 Creme

Sleek Makeup Palettes


Last month I decided to treat myself to a little makeup. I love really high quality eyeshadows, I'm not a fan of drugstore eyeshadows beacuse they're often crappy and not very good quality. I little bit ago I kept hearing about sleek palettes so I looked them up and was amazed at the price. I hear they had amazing quailty so I order the Sunset palette. First time I used the eye shadow I was amazed at how good the quality was for the price I paid. I love there eyeshadows and will be buying more palettes from them for sure. I did a produt review for this palette, for swatches and more photos click Here.

Price :

Sleek Makeup Website - $ 9.99

Amazon - $ 14.49

Ebay - $ 7.85

L'Oreal Pairs Double Extend Mascara

When I was younger I didn't wear a lot of makeup basically just mascara and I was always looking for a mascara that would make my lashes really stand out since it was the only makeup I would wear, this mascara does that, it makes your lashes look so full and long they almost don't look real I love it! One side is a white liquid that makeups your lashes curl upwards and makes them longer and thicker, then after you apply a couple coats of that you apply the other side which is the actual mascara and this coats your lashes making them super dark and curly. I only thing you have to watch with this mascara is if you put to much white mascara on you'll see it through the black and your eyelashes will look grey with white specks.

Price :

Wal - Mart - $ 11.96

Ebay - $ 7.99

Amazon - $1.00

Hard Candy Face Primer

I've been hearing awsome things about Hard Candys face primer and am looking to get my hands on this ultra light primer. If you have oily skin maybe not the primer for you, if you breakout very easily also maybe not the right primer for you. I've heard of this primer making your skin shiney around your t-zone area and cause some girls to breakout after using it. I have very dry skin so a little shine is what I'm looking for, I love that nice dewy look. The quality of this primer is overall better then the adverage drugstore primer, buying you more bang for your  buck.

Hard Candy/ Wal Mart - $8.00

Amazon -  $ 13.00

 Ebay - $ 11.91



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