Monday, November 19, 2012

MY LOOK - Candice Swanepoel Victoria Secret

Last night me and my wonderful partner decided we were going to host a little game night at our house and I was thinking all day, what kind of makeup look am I going to go for, I wanted something dark but not smokey, I also wanted to play around with some of the colors in my new Sunset palette by Sleek Makeup and I came up with this look. It's a bit of orange, a bit of brown, and a bit of this rusty brown, I was trying to go for a bronze look, I've seen on Candice Swanepoel at the Victoria Secret show ( can't wait for it to air next month soooo excited )
Her look is a lot more softer then mine, but I was creating this look for a evening party and that's why I decided to go a bit heavy with the eyeshadow and liner.
1. Apply a Soft brown to you eyelid  2. Apply a medium brown and blend into your crease   3. Apply a orange in the crease but don't extend as for up as step 2    4. Apply a very dark brown in a v form to the edge of your eye and blend in   5. Apply a medium brown to your lower lash line and blend well    6. Apply a white eyeliner to your lower water line     7. Apply liquid eyeliner to you upper lash line and create a wing at the end    8. Apply a shimmery white powder, or a creme eyeshadow to your tear duct - cream eye shadows work better and look brighter then powder eyeshadows.     9. Apply a white eyeshadow, or highlighter to your brow bone    10. Apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes.
All done!
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial

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