Friday, November 23, 2012

MAKEUP TRICKS - Get a Bright, Youthful Undereye

One of my favorite makeup techniques is the bright under eye look. Mostly seen on Kim Kardashian but created by her makeup artist Mario Dedviano. This look is feature on tons a different celebrities but was made famous by Kim K.

This tricks is very hard to learn but it's a bit tricky to perfect. You really have to make sure the concealer is blended out very well or you ll get this really harsh bright under eye that just looks horrible. ( example below)

Learn the Trick
Everyone does this trick differently. Some people apply the concealer right after applying their foundation, some people apply all their eye makeup and the concealer trick. What I do is I apply my foundation, no powder or anything just my foundation, then I do my eye brows and my top eye makeup, then I do my concealer. I did this because if I apply the concealer before the top eyeshadow all the loose eyeshadow will fall on the concealer and it'll create a huge mess. I don't like doing my whole eye ( the lower lash makeup ) because then I'm just covering my lower eye makeup with the concealer and I have to redo it. So I propose you apply foundation then apply your upper eye makeup then concealer and then lower eye makeup.
Lets begin!

Step 1 - Apply some type or corrector concealer to your under eye area but extend it all the way to your ear also let the concealer come down a but making a triangle. Makeup sure you have good concealer that's not cakey or it'll look bad.
Make sure you get this area. Kinda dot the concealer along this area .
Step 2 - Apply a highlighter of some kind to the same area as in step 1 and blending it in using a beauty blender. By dabbing the beauty blender along it gives you more of a airbrushed look with no lines showing.

That's all you need to know ladies. Couple products I want to mention that work really well for this look, Ben Nye banana powder works really well to highlight the area and bring it out. Another thing is concealers that are peach based can cover up dark circles really really well. I think makeup forever has a concealer palette and it's amazing I'm dieing to buy it, it's a little on the expensive side.

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