Sunday, November 4, 2012


The other day I was shopping at Winners and Marshalls, my favorite stores in the whole wide world and I was in a nail polish kind of mood, so I shopped those the nail polish selection like a women on the hunt.

I discovered some gems and feel very proud of my wonderful nail polish haul, so let's begin.

China Glaze - Ray-diant

This color is a very sparkly, shimmery color. It has a silver bas with different colored sparkels in it. I liked this color because it was kinda of christmas-y and was very bedazzeled like. China Glaze is a very good quality nail polish, it doesnt chip as easily as regular polish and it hardens faster then regular polish, this brand is a very popular favorite among nail polish lovers.

Where I bought - I purchased this at Marshalls
Price - I payed $5.99 and it's usually around $14.00

Nicole by OPI - Disco Dolls

I bought this color because I decided to a nail tutorial which I posted yesterday, you can find that here. It's a very rusty, gold color with some colorful glitter pieces, much like ray-diant but the glitter was much smaller then the ray-diant. OPI is the best nail polish out there, well I think, the nicole brand is by OPI but it's cheaper and you don't have to go to special places to purchase it they sell it at most wal-marts and Shoppers Drugmarts.
Where I bought - Wal-Mart
Price - $9.99
Wet n' Wild - Sunny Side up

Ok so the real reason I bought this color was beacuse I wanted to use it for my base color for a fail nail tutorial I posted yesterday, the brand is a well known makeup brand but sell nail polish as well. The color did need a couple coats to really bring the orange to life but to be honest most colors do need more then one coat.

Where I bought - Wal-Mart
Price  $1.00

SECHE - Trio nail polish

 I bought this tri of nail polish because they work really good a light base coats. There not my favorite brand, they take longer to dry then the other brands. They came together in a little pouch. Theres a light orange, light pink, and a white. This trio would work great for french manicure.

Where I bought - Winners
Price - $5.99

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