Monday, December 17, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Aveeno Intense Relief Therapy Lip Protector

I'm always on the hunt for some serious medicated lip chap and am always left disappointed with the end results, until I came across this little beauty. I love the Aveeno brand, their moisturizer seems to be the only cream that tackles my extremely dry and flaky skin, so when I pasted by a little package Marked Aveeno lip chap, in wal-mart the other day, I new I needed to try and it and see if it's a love or a hate, besides Aveeno has never disappointed me before.

This lip chap comes in the normal circle tube like most lip chaps but instead of turning the bottom to roll the lip chap up you turn the top.The packaging looks like their  skincare products, very natural and kind of outdated in a, I have many years of research so I work, kind of way......if you know what I mean.

I popped a nice little layer of this bad boy on the other night before I went to bed and I was very happy. You can feel it instantly working, moisturizing your lips with a cool, tingly, feeling. It has a peppermint smell when your first applying it but then theres this weird kind moldy smell as well, I don't really know how to describe it but it smells like mold or something to me.

I put this on before I go to bed and wake up with healthy, moisturized lips. Only problem is it's so addicting that I find my self putting a layer on a couple times a day, which means I'm going to be going through a ton of these. I better stock up in case all the deprived lip ladies read this post and go out and buy some, you can't just buy one.

Pros and Cons
Keeps your lips nice and moisturized. Has very addicting sensation. Smells good but has a very weird after smell.
My Conclusion
Def my second favorite chap stick but I'm sure I'll discover a better one. Theres def room for improvement here.
My Ratings
Scent - 5    Quality - 8     Packaging - 8   Moisturizing effects - 9   Overall - 8.5


  1. Great review! I'm looking for a good lip moisturizer so I may give this a try! :))


  2. it's the best lip treatment I've found so far that doesn't cost an arm and a leg