Wednesday, December 19, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I'm getting rather sick of caking on foundation and I'm getting annoyed with how horrible it looks sometimes when I don't apply it right or I'm trying to do it in a hurry. I have checked out BB creams before but decided I wasn't really a fan. After a while, and hearing tons of buzz about them, I decided, hey why not give it a try and so after a bit of research I decided to buy the, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream.

The BB cream is good for all skin types and since I have super dry skin I find a lot of foundations stick to my dry areas and looks patchy and cakey, but the BB cream doesn't do that. It's almost like apply moisturizer to your face. It's very smooth and light doesn't feel like foundation at all.  If your not a foundation person then this stuff is perfect for you.

All you do is squeeze a bit out and rub it evenly all over your face. It doesn't have very good coverage but it does even out your skin tone creating a perfect, flawless face. I apply this to my entire face and then apply foundation mainly on my checks and it looked better then If I were to just use the BB cream. It gives you more of a matte finish rather then a dewy finish, it might make your T-zone a bit shiny if you have oil skin but If you apply some powder that'll clear the shine right up .

I think I would mostly use this on the days I'm feeling lazy and don't want to take the time to apply foundation, or maybe on areas that don't need alot of cover up. It's a handy item to have as a makeup hoarder.

It isn't a miracle cream like a lot of people believe, your still going to have to apply concealer and all that stuff and your still going to have to wash it off at night just like foundation, I think of a BB cream more like a tinted moisturizer rather then a miracle in a tube. They only have 5 shades, Light-100, Light/Medium-110, Medium-120, Medium/Deep-130, Deep-140, which sucks but with this stuff it isn't very pigmented, so you can't go wrong if you get a shade lighter or darker, unless your really pale and you buy the darkest shade. I was a 110 because I have more of a olive skin tone and I can get pretty tan in the summer. I like to say I have Indian skin :p

You must remember that since this product is a SPF 15 it will make you face look whiter in pictures with flash. This is what happens with SPF foundations or creams and that's why I tend to stay away from them but if that doesn't bother you then that's that.

The packaging kinda sucks and wish they put a little more thought into designing a better head on the darn thing. It makes such a mess squeezing it out and getting everywhere. The art design on the packaging is OK but other then that the packaging pretty much sucks. It is oil free so that's good new for all you oil skin type ladies.

Pros and Cons
Creates very even skin tone and is very light and breathable. I wouldn't use it if your looking for a more full coverage product. It isn't a miracle cream but it does make life a little easier.
My Conclusion
I love BB creams and think there perfect for lazy days or very simple people that don't like foundation.
My ratings
Quality - 7  Packaging - 5  Does it do what it says it does - 6  Overall - 8


  1. i have several "sample" packets of this product... time to bring it out and use it :P i like using the asian bb creams like missha!

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  2. Yeah I heard the asian ones are even better since that's where BB creams came from anyway. Use them and see if you like it. I really do love this BB cream