Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Inspiration Board

This month I'm really into seeing the glamorous side of things. The rich and famous lifestyle I'll never be able to afford. I like pretty things and am a bit on the high-maintenance scale. No that doesn't mean I'm a snob and get whatever I what. It does mean that I love expensive things and find myself drooling as I'm scrolling through the fashion section on Pinterest, Ahhhhhhhh if only money really did grow on trees, I'd have a whole tree farm lol but so would everyone else. Which brings me to the other side of things, I'm also realizing that money doesn't complete everything and theres lots of things life gives you in return and you know what......... you don't even have to pay for them..... for example memories, I would give up any glamorous lifestyle in a second just to have my daughter fall asleep in my arms just once. Those are the things we hold onto in our life, not items of clothing or diamonds and watches but memories and loved ones. So every time I start getting pissed off cause this bitch in front of me in line has better more expensive boots on them me, I look at my daughters smiling face and realize what could be better then this.

Klassy Kassie

Keeping It Klassy

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