Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MY LOOK - My new years eve makeup look

For new years I wanted to smoke it up a bit even though I wasn't really doing anything big I still wanted to sport a sultry, sexy, look. I ended up going to a friends house with my family for a couple hours, just to socilize and get out of the house for a bit was a friggin dream.

I like to wear black eyeliner on my lower waterline because it makes my eyes look smaller and I have like the biggest eyes ever! Sometimes I hate it and sometimes I love it lol depends on my mood.

Ok time for numbers!

1. I used a really light silver and started in my crease and blended it up into my browbone
2. I took a dark grey colo and applied it right in the crease of my eye and then blended it upward
3. I used a really black sparkly shadow and dabbed it in the outter corner of my eye and then blended it in, I also extended it on the end of my eyelid but don't apply it to your whole eyelid

4. Apply a nice sparkley champnge color to your entire eyelid even over the black ypu applied in step one

5. Apply the black from step 3 again but just dab it along the outter end of your eyelide right where you would put liquid eyeliner.

6. Take a smudger brush and dab it in some black tap the access off and then smudge underneath your eye to get that smokey look.
7. Apply black eyeliner to your lower waterline to make your eyes appear smaller and darker
8. Apply liquid eyeliner to the upper lash line and extend it out to create a wing
9. Apply a nice thick coat of mascara to top lashes
10. Apply a lengthing mascara to you lower lashes
11. Apply white eyeliner or a highlighter in tear duct of your eye.

Finished and all ready to go

Hey guys so I'm going to coverting my makeup tutorials to videos because is so much easier for you guys to see what am doing and the techniques I use.

I haven't done videos before to beware they might be a little bit bad to begin with but I'll get better at it. If you have any video tips please hahaha comment or email me I could sure use them.

Thanks for reading ladies :)

Klassy Kassie

Keeping it klassy

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