Saturday, January 12, 2013

MY LOOK - Bold eyebrows, red lips, and great contouring

Went to do grocery's the other day and felt like I didn't really want to wear a lot of makeup, you something light, something easy, but still looks great, I was also on the bored side so I decided to experience a little with contouring.

Here's a little rundown on what I did. So I apply the light brown shimmery color from the sleek sunset palette to my eyelid. The I took a darker brown and started blended that into my crease and extend it all the way up to my brow bone. Now here's where the contouring comes in. I took dark chocolate brown and used a smudge brush and started on the bridge of my nose and drew a line up to my eye and then gradually into my crease. I then took a fluffier blush to blend it in better and it really made my nose look more defined and smaller, it also made my eyes look more perfect shape wise. I'll make a video and post it on YouTube soon :)    I used maybelline BB cream on my face and then some bronzer and blush on my cheeks. I also concealer my dark circles with maybelline concealer stick and then maybelline dream lumi concealer/highlighter. I then just lightly contoured my nose to make the end look a litte bit smaller, since its a the big side :/  After that was finished I applied a thick coat of mascara to my top lashes and left my bottom lashes bare to add a old en day look ( kate beckinsale in pearl harbor, so pretty) I made my eyebrows really perfect and thick, I shaded them using a eyeliner from maybelline ( the names rubbed off from use sorry ladies ) Last step was lips, I coated my rather thin lips with a kind tomato-colored lipstick and then applied a nice layer of sally Hansen's lip plumper to give it shine and make my lips plump a bit :)
Uploaded a bunch of pictures for you guys :)
 I will have to say the contouring really made the difference when it came to this look. I have contoured before but never really had to much success with it especially with my nose. I always tired to contour it and i always ended up doing it wrong and making it looking horrible, then I got a little scared and stopped trying for a bit, but soon realized it really just take patience and a firm blending hand.
Try this look out and tell me if you liked it :)
Klassy Kassie
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