Friday, January 11, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW - Lass Naturals Glow Pack Facial Therapy

 Everyone likes natural, Eco friendly products, I mean who doesn't. It makes you feel safe knowing that the ingredients in your face cream your appling to my face every night isn't going to cause skin cancer years down the road. When you can't pronounce the ingredients on the back of the packaging of your skin care products, it's time to either go natural or change to something less harmful. Everything now days is full of chemicals and stuff you just don't want entering your body, that's why you can't go wrong with natural products.

I was given a chance to try Lass Natural products by – a beauty network where you can search, compare and review natural and organic beauty products & hair and beauty salons worldwide. I am excited to share my insight with all you skin care freaks (like myself)

The product I gave a go was Lass Naturals - Glow Pack Facial Therapy*, its a clay based facial product, you apply it to your face, wait until it dries and then wash it off. You'd have to know how to use facial products in order for them to work their best. Before applying the clay facial you need to wash and dry your face and then apply it. It helps smooth and soften skin as well as reduce those fine lines and give your face a really youthful, vibrant glow. But you know what the best benefit of this product is.... it's all natural, Eco friendly, and animal cruelty free.

I liked this facial product the clay made my skin really smooth, like a baby's bottom :p. It was very easy to wash  off and it did leave my face kinda glowing. The one thing I didn't like was the smell. It has a strong smell of rose water, that's left over even after you wash it off.

The packaging was very naturally looking, showing images of ingredients in the facial product, it also comes in an easy to use squeeze bottle for easy application, and a mess free experience.

Pros and Cons
So, Lots of pros for this product. Love that it's Eco friendly, all natural and animal cruelty free. Those three things mean a lot to me when it comes to skincare products. Loved the clay facial mask, but thought the smell of the facial mask was too strong and I wasn't a big fan. It did leave my skin feeling clean and glowing.
My Conclusion
Love Lass Naturals products and love everything they stand for, you'll def see more reviews from me on their products.
My Ratings
Packaging - 8.5    Quality - 8   Texture - 8   Sent - 6    Overall - 8.5

                                                      Hope you enjoyed this product review

PR Sample*
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