Thursday, January 10, 2013

Which foundation is right for me?

 When it comes to choosing a foundation, it can get a bit confusing and frustrating, so I wanted to  make a bit easier on some of you ladies, by comparing some of the best and most popular drugstore foundations on the market. I'll also be telling you which foundation will work best with what skin type.

I'm going to be going over 4 different foundations, Maybelline dream BB cream, Revlon colorstay whipped foundation, Revlon Photoready Airbrush mousse foundation, Maybelline Fit Me! liquid-gel foundation.

1. Maybelline Fit me! Liquid foundation.

I used this foundation for a year or two before I started to explore and buy different foundations, I don't like to change foundations and even looking at other foundations it felt like I was cheating on my poor fit me foundation. This foundation is a gel-formula and is a bit runny to me. To be honest I don't know how I wore this stuff for so long. It's cakey, streaky and you can tell your wearing the stuff. It doesn't have a scent which is nice but I just didn't like the formula of this foundation. I don't know if it was my skin type or what but this foundation does not agree with me. It's horrible in hot weather and has medium coverage. The staying power is horrible even with powder. It seems to sink into every crack and cranny on your face and makes your fine lines really stand out. I will not be buying this foundation ever again. The finish is more of a matte finish, well some people prefer it but I like more of a dewy finish. Kinda irritating on my skin, and made my skin super itchy and uncomfortable. So if you have sensitive skin, this foundation might not be good for you. It's kinda heavy and it felt like I was wearing a mask all day.

Skin Type - Oily

Pros - scent free, blend able, cheap

Cons - streaky, cakey, bad coverage, not very long lasting or durable,sinks in fine lines and makes them look worse, irritated my skin and made it itchy, not hot weather proof.

Finish - Matte

2. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I was looking for something to use on my face that would even out my skin tone and provide a little bit of coverage, and something that didn't feel like foundation. I wanted to let me skin breath. Some days I don't have the time or energy to apply foundation and make it look flawless I just want something quick that doesn't take a lot of maintenance and does the job, that's when I started looking into BB creams. It was between the  Garnier BB cream and the Maybelline one, I ended up getting the maybelline one. This formula is brilliant. It covers, feels light and amazing and looks flawless. It has more of a matte finish and has light coverage. I call this the lazy day makeup. It last about 6 or 7 hours and you don't really know if its fading or not because it looks so natural and pretty, you can barely even tell your wearing. It blend right into your skin and doesn't bug it. It also leaves your skin feeling nice instead of yucky, like some foundations. I really like this light-weight version of foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer and serum all in one. The one thing I did notice with this BB cream is it tends to stick to the dry patches on my face, which is kinda annoying

Skin Type - All skins
Pros - light weight, blend able, easy, streak free, all in one serum,sunscreen, foundation.
Cons - Light coverage, not very long lasting
Finish - Matte

3. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation

I bought this after I heard tons of rave reviews about how good it was. I decided to buy the whipped version because I like creme makeup better. This foundation's staying power is amazing!!!! I wore this foundation on my face the whole day, no fading or anything like that. Its also perfect for hot humid weather because it truly stays through anything. It`s a bit of a pain to wash this stuff off so make sure you have a good face wash. Its an amazing foundation but it does have some flaws, it's not very blend able and the color shades seem to be off a little bit. It has a dewy kinda finish and has pretty good coverage. Doesn't have a scent and the texture is super creamy. I would buy this foundation if you have oil skin with blemishes because it covers them well and they stay covered for a long period of time. I never found another drugstore foundation that is a durable as this one.Great formula besides the fact that it doesn't blend the greatest.

Skin type - Oily to dry
Pros - long lasting, great coverage, fade proof, water proof, heat proof, no scent, great texture
Cons - not very blendable, shades are hard to compare to your skin tone
Finish - Dewy matte

4  Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Foundation

I must say for a drugstore foundation this is the top of the line. I fell in love with this foundation as soon as I buffed it into my face. It's very light and pretty. It has the most dewy-ish finish ever, and that's what I'm always trying to get. It's pretty long lasting and has medium coverage. It's a very very shimmery foundation so if you don't like shimmery this isn't the foundation for you. Another thing I figured out is it's a very oily formula, like super oily, the only reason I find it to work with my skin is because my skin is super dry and a little oily feels nice. It has a very nasty,weird smell to it, which I don't like and sticks around for a bit after you apply the foundation. It is my favorite foundation at the moment and makes my skin look flawless. This foundation might not work in hot humid weather as it's quite oily and I would think it you might sweat it off.

Skin Type - Dry
Pros - not cakey, not streaky, very light, gives flawless looking skin, great packaging, good coverage, makes your looks great in flash photos, pretty long lasting
Cons - weird smell, really oily, not hot weather proof, is a bit too shimmery.
Finish - Dewy

Have you tried any of these foundations? Did you like them? Why, or why not did they work for you?

Let me know by commenting or email me

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  1. Right now I am currently using the Maybelline Fit me foundation, and have been for a couple of months..... and I definitely agree with you on this one! It doesn't cover very well, and it doesn't last very long. It also looks cakey, which is not a good look for anyone!

  2. yeah it def wasn't my favorite foundation but some people really liked it. I guess it depends on your skin type as well. I have very dry skin and right now my favorite foundation is revlon photoready airbrush mousse. I adore this foundation it looks flawless on and has a dewy finish