Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SKINCARE 101 - My Routine part 3

So recently my skin has been going through a phase, and I know why, it's winter!  Cold, dry air makes my skin dry out and become super tight and it tends to crack and break open, causing bleeding sores, this is mostly on my hands. So for part 3 of sinkcare 101 were talking moisturizer!

My face is another matter, in the winter I look pale and my skin looks super dry and yucky, I hate it! The other day I had a Revelation. Why not use some type of oil at night before I go to bed to moisturize and replenish my tired looking skin, since moisturizer wasn't doing the trick, why not try something different and new.

I had bought Bio Oil ( product review Here ) when I was pregnant with my daughter and I really liked it.I thought why not try using this on my face? I usually can't stand any type of oily or greasy product on my face, it really bugs my skin. I usually use Bio Oil on the driest parts of my body, my knees and elbows stuff like that and it always makes my skin feel so much softer and looks better.

One night I was brave and did it! I took a small amount of Bio oil and applied it all over my face. If it can fix scars, uneven skintone, and act as a awesome moisturizer, then why not use it on my face? Not something I thought of before. At first I didn't really like it but after a bit I got use to it and forgot it was even on my face and fell asleep. The next morning when I woke up, I went to the bathroom to wash my face and I looked up in the mirrior and was shocked. My skin looked replenish and so much brighter. The fine lines I had were faded. It felt so much softer and not as dry, felt like whole new skin

My skin really needed some moisturizer but nothing seems to fix it's insane dryness. But Bio Oil has been a dream. The dark circles under my eye seemed to get lighter as well, I couldn't believe it. I ususally use Aveeno for my dry, cracked skin but from some reason lately it just hasn't been cutting the cake.

So now before I go to bed, on night's when my skin needs a extra little umffff, I wash my face, apply my Vichy, and then apply bio oil to my face.

I call this the skincare 101

why not try it dry skins and see if this works for you, if nothing else is working and your skin is looking tired and dry.

I wouldn't recommend this to my oily skins because it'll probably clog your pores and cause breakouts. Since I have the driest skin in the world ( I swear, it's a curse ) I don't really get to many breakouts and oil is my skins friend.

I wouldn't do this every night but maybe once a week or something like that, because it might end up clogging your pores and causing a breakout.

Tell me if this helped your dry skin?

For night whens my face just isn't really that dry and I just need some moisturizer I reach for Aveeno 24 hours moisturizing lotion and slather it on. It's very creamy and usually is the only moisturizer that works for me but since its winter my skin needs a little more TLC and thats where the Bio oil comes in handy.

Klassy Kassie

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