Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW -Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro

Getting Bored of my nail polish collection lately ( I own like 5 bottles of nail polish hehehe ) until a pulled this blast from the past out. Last summer I was obsessed with these baby pink nails I was seeing, so I went out a bought some pretty baby pink polish but once summer was over and fall rolled around I soon switched it up for coppers and glitter bronzes.
Rimmel Lasting Finish pro says it last for up to 10 days but to be honest it last about 4 at the most. It is pretty durable and pretty tho and has awesome dry time. I paint three coats in like a minute. It does dry in a kinda rough matte finish, so get those clear coats out and apply a couple, it'll make it last longer and look more glossy
FYI  Please ignore my nasty pinky nail, I bite it quite a bit and that's why is so stubby and short, looks like a hobbits fingernail ewwwwwwh, nasty.
Rimmel lasting finish pro in baby pink
Klassy Kassie
Keeping it Klassy


  1. I love the colour of this it's gorgeous and SO Girly. Lasting four days is pretty good too!

  2. yeah it's a pretty good nail polish. It's still going strong on my nails.