Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Skincare 101 - My Rountine part 2

So for the second part of my skincare segment, I want to talk about what I do after the face wash, but before slathering moisturizer all over my face. I use to deal with these weird tiny bumps that would form on my forehead and I tried different products to get them to go away but not to many things worked. Then I tried Vichy Normaderm Micellar solution and it totally cleared up my skin, this solution deals with different imperfections like uneven skin tone and acne. It was made for people with sensitive skin ( that's me ) It gets into your pores and cleans without you having to rinse off. It can also be used to take your makeup off, it's ultra gentle to skin and eyes. Sometimes at night when I just want a little freshen up I'll squirt some of this on a cotton pad and then rub it all over my face, and it feels so refreshed and clean. I love this stuff and have gone through 3 bottles since I tried it.

Second item I use is anything with the name astringent on it. This is a strong cleanser that gets deep into your pores and cleans out all the nasty crud left over from makeup and dirt. I usually use this on my nose, since that's where the blackheads make their home. This stuff is pretty strong and can sting a bit when you apply it, that just means it's working. I used the clean and clear deep cleaning astringent sensitive skin and I love it. My pores look cleaner and smaller. It contains salicylic acid which works to dissolve the dirt, deep down in your pores, it's great for blackheads and can clear them right up. I don't use this every time I clean my face, usually I use it if I was wearing a lot of makeup that day and I need something stronger then face wash to get the gunk from my pores.

Stay tuned for the 3 and finally part of skincare 101

Let me know if you tried these products, did they work for you?

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