Monday, January 7, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW - Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighter Concealer

I am obsessed with highlighters, I love them and think they bring a lot to the table. I have heard some good stuff on Dream Lumi highlighter concealer and when I got a gift card for wal-mart for Christmas I didn't hesitate to grab it.

I must say I'm pretty impressed with this product, it does what it says its suppose to. I apply it underneath my eyes and extend onto the top of my cheek bone then I dap it in using a beauty blender. I hid my dark circles and really brightened up my eyes and face. Theres only 6 different shades to choose from and I picked up nude 330 and it was perfect for my skin tone.

One little thing I didn't like about this stuff was after swiping it underneath my right eye I would move over to my left eye to swipe a bit underneath it and it would start to burn my right eye. Felt like it was burning my skin, could just be because I have very dry sensitive skin and I was having a reaction or it could just be you need to blend it in right away. After blending it in it stopped burning and didn't burn at all through-out the day.

The packaging was a not so hot topic and although twist up concealer with the brush tip is pretty popular and mess free I found I was twisting forever when I first bought it to get some of the concealer out. I find either to much comes out or not enough. It has a brush tip for easy, mess free application and I do like that.

Pros and Cons
Great highlighter and a pretty dec concealer, doesn't crease, doesn't fade and your brings out your eyes, making you look fresher and younger. Also looks amazing in pictures with flash.
My Conclusion
So far my favorite drugstore highlighter/concealer ever!
My Ratings
Quality - 9  Packaging - 8 Texture - 9  Overall- 9 
does it do what it says it suppose to, yes!
Klassy Kassie
Keeping it klassy

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