Sunday, January 6, 2013

MY LOOK - Smokey, brown delight!

So tonight I actually get to go out, can you believe it! My family and I are going to some friends of ours, engagement party, so I wanted to look elegant and kinda classy. I'm not going to go into to many details about my hair but, I just curled it and then let the curls sit for a bit and I got this really pretty curly, wavy hair, which was what I was going for, so I was quite happy with it.

For my makeup I wanted to wear a really smoldering brown eye. I combined quite a couple different brown shades in order to get this look and it took me awhile to get it just right, let me go through it with you so you can recreate this look.

I combined at least 4 different shades of brown in order to get this look. I first applied I light brown to my crease and blended that up, then I applied a shimmery gold to my eyelid ( from sleek makeup ) After that was done I applied a shimmery grey that was pretty dark to my crease, I extend that up to blend with the light brown. I then applied a dark matte brown to the corner of my eye and smudge it into my lash line and then extended it in my crease using a "v" motion. If you don't know what a "v" motion is comment below and I'll show you. I then smudge a lighter brown under my lower lash line to really create the smolder effect of the look. I lined my water line with white eyeliner and then applied liquid eyeliner to my upper lash line and extended it to for a cute little wing. I find creating a wing for ladies with big eyes makes your eyes look more cat like, therefor making them appear smaller. Last step I applied some Covergirl mascara to my eyelashes and I was step.

Sorry guys blogger wont let me post any more photos for some reason

Klassy Kassie

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