Saturday, January 5, 2013

MY LOOKS - Natural Makeup, for those days you just don't wanna pound it on.

Natural makeup looks are one of the most popular makeup looks out there, next to the smokey eye of course. I like wearing natural looking makeup on really hot, sunny, summer days, when your just beach bumming it, or on days you just don't have the time or enegry to wake up and spend an hour apply all this stuff.

So today I'm having a natural makeup day and I thought hey why not share it with all you.

I filmed a little video basically of my blabbering on about how I do my natural makeup. This isn't a makeup tutorial because for some reason I filmed it in my bathroom and that just really just didn't work. I'm still getting use to the whole film thing, so please forgive me, I'm a bit slow on the flim front heheheh pictures are more up my allie.

Anyway here are some pictures from my natural makeup look :) enjoy :):)

Rememeber I'm new at this whole video making thing hahaha so don't laugh if I look like a fool :p
Klassy Kassie
Keeping it Klassy

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