Saturday, January 26, 2013

MY LOOK - Lazy Day Makeup - keeping it simple

Hey guys so I thought I'd post a lazy day makeup look, this could also be a great spring makeup tutorial since it looks very fresh and spring-y. Very very simple, I've showed you all the products I used to create this look.
I used a no-name palette from ebay for my eyes and applied really soft neautral colors to my face. A really soft light beige on the eyelid and a mocha or light brown in the crease and extend up. I used liquid eyeliner and created a wing at the end. I then went over the liquid eyeliner with a black shadow using my liner brush, just to fill in any gaps and make the liner look more black and soft. I applied a coat of maybelline colossol to my top and bottom lashes and that was really it for the eyes.

Foundation was just routine, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, you know the drill, nothing special went into my foundation, I didn't contour because I wanted to keep it really simple and quick.
Shaded in my eyebrows by drawing bold lines with the covergirl pencil and then smudging them into my eyebrow with the elf smudger sponge brush. I then went over the rest of my brow with a liner brush and either used left over powder to shade the rest of the gaps in or I dip it into a darker brown.
Lips were pretty simple, I used covergirl lipstick, coated it on and the lined my lips, after that I topped it off with a sheen of Sally Hansen Lip Plumper.
That's it for today ladies :)

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