Friday, January 25, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW - St. Ives naturally Clear, clear pore cleanser purifying face wash

Moving on to bigger and better things in the face wash world, I ditched my Neutrogena, Morning Burst face wash and bought some St Ives deep clean pore face wash. I love st Ive's products and my Nana, who doesn't have a single wrinkle swears by them, she's used them her whole life.

I noticed this face wash is extremely light and gentle on your skin. It lathers up as your scrubbing the day off your face and its extremely easy to wash off. I've had face washes that take forever to wash off, this one takes two wet face clothes to wash it off. My skin felt so clean it was shining afterwards, it really gets deep down into your pores and cleans out all the dirt and makeup. I was surprised by this because it's such a light gentle face wash, I didn't think it would work that well, but I was wrong. Keeps your face fresh and clean.

 It has a very different smell, which I kinda got use to, it smells like one of my friends houses hahaha I know that sounds so weird but it has this home kinda smell, like clean clothing and a freshly cleaned home, mixed with nature or something. The bottle was pretty small, even though it'll still take me quite a while to go through it. I quite liked the packaging it's very modern and simple in a fogging kinda white bottle, the soap itself is a very pretty light aqua color. It has a pump nozzle for super easy, mess free application.

It contains tea tree oil which is super moisturizing and makes everything better, alot of people use tea tree oil in their hair after they take a shower, it's alot like Moroccan oil, which I use after every hair wash. It's dermatologist tested and 100% natural extracts it's also cruelty free. I bought this at Wal - Mart for $3.49

Pros and Cons
Great face wash, keeps your skin nice and clean and really gets down into your pores to clean out all the dirt. Has a very nice smell to it and is super gentle and easy to use. It's a very light formula which you think won't work because it's not very heavy, but it really makes your skin feel so fresh and clean.
My Conclusion
I adore this face wash, it does exactly what it says.
My ratings
Smell - 8   Texture - 10  Packaging - 8  Quality - 10  Overall - 9.5