Monday, February 4, 2013

February Inspiration Board

So this month contains two important dates. Valentines day and......... MY BIRTHDAY yeaaaaaaaaa. Anyway now that I got that out, I wanted to share with you what my obsessions have been for the month. I've been obsessed with colorful makeup looks lately and have been obsessed with tumblr, pinterest and instagram searching makeup looks. I've also been obsessed with body suits ahhaha even though I'll probably never wear one because my boyfriend would make fun of me for life, I can still be jealous of girls who rock them. Getting into shape has been really important to me also and I love to workout, every now and then when I don't feel like I just look for  little inspiration and that gets my butt in gear. I've also been drooling over the celine bag, which is way way way to exspensive for me, but a girl can dream right!

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