Saturday, February 2, 2013


Ardell Fake Lashes

I never use to wear fake eyelashes, but after wearing them just once, I can not stop wearing them. A lot of beauty blogger wear Ardell lashes and I've been meaning to go out and grab a pair. I want to try the demi wispies because they look super natural and pretty....... and alot or women love them.

Origins Skincare

 I've heard tons about the Origins products and bloggers everywhere are ranting and raving about how great these products are and how good they work.

Nivea Lip Butter

Nivea just came out with a rather nice lip butter, and I'm pretty anal about my lips, there so dry and I find chap stick really doesn't do all the much in the long cold winter months.

Too Faced 3 Way Lash Liner

I seen how perfect this liquid eyeliner makes a wing, that I couldn't help but want it. I'm getting rather sick of my liquid eyeliner and am moving onto bigger and better things, and I think this might just fill in the spot.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

Have been seeing a lot of girls wearing these lately and I'm itching to give them a try. They're a cross between lip stain and a lip balm.

Clarins Makeup Remover

I heard this makeup remover is better then bioderma, so it  must be really good. Bioderma was rated number 1 makeup remover but I'm anxious to try this one. I hope it's a bit cheaper then bioderma because its a bit more money then I'd like to pay for a makeup remover.

Lucas Papaw Ointment

Since the winter takes a tole on my already dry skin, I'm always looking for a different cream that will help relieve my dry patches and help with rashes my super sensitive skin seems to develop. This ointment helps with all of that. It has the texture of Vaseline but instead of sitting on the surface it penetrates immediately for instant relief.

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