Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Instagram Life

(1) Jayda enjoying dinner at East Side Mario's  (2) Eating dinner with my boyfriend and some friends of ours   (3) Love my extremely comfy purple sweats   (4) Me and the boy going out to dinner with some friends   (4) Watching the Oscars and taking notes  (5) Jayda and daddy up at about 1:00, nice bedhead   (5)  Little mini haul I got yesterday at Shoppers Drug mart, so excited to try Bioderma  (6) Some odd eye infection I got, using cream made it worse and way more swollen, going to see the doctor tomorrow  (7) My outfit of choice and my messy bathroom counter, this was right before my eyelids decided to swell up like balloons  (8) Red nails with white dots  (9) Some winter fireworks  (10) My makeup Look for a dinner out aka Rhiannas Grammy look