Tuesday, March 5, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW - Avene Soothing Eye Contour Cream

Avene is a pretty good skincare brand, I own their Thermal water and have bought different creams from them before. When the skin around my eyes started to get scaly patches, I went looking for an eye cream that was strictly moisturizing and not anti-ageing. Do you know how hard that is? Regular moisturizers don't work and end up getting into my eyes and bugging them, so I had to find something that was safe for around my eyes, that's made for sensitive skin, and something that had no anti-aging properties in it........very very hard thing to find.

After asking the beauty consultant at shoppers, she pointed out this new eye cream from Avene that was selling out. So I bought it. The actually cream, once taken out of the box surprised me at all small it was, for the price I paid, I was shocked. It did feel soothing when dabbed around my eye area. It feels just like moisturizer and has no scent. To be honest it felt just like a moisturizing cream, so I wasn't expecting anything other then my dry skin to start to clear up. The next day I woke up and my eyes were so swollen I had to go to the doctors, he said I was having a very bad allergic reaction, along with bad eczema on my eyes.

So I ended up needing a prescription eye cream to clear my eye problem up. I'm taking Avene cream back since I don't really need it now, but I wouldn't say it's a bad cream, it just wasn't for me. It clearly just moisturizes, which was what I was looking for, so it didn't fail in that aera. I was having problems with my eyes before using this cream, so I'm not going to blame it on cream because I'm positive it wasn't this cream and it's not fair to judge this product since my eye were already swollen and red from some other product I had used.

Pros and Cons
The price is pretty steep for a tiny tube of this stuff. Safe for eyes, scentless, feels just like a moisturizing cream, soothing on eyes.
My Conclusion
I little bit too expensive for a eye cream.
My Ratings
Quality - 9  Texture - 9  Packaging - 9  Overall - 9

Ps: Sorry for the shotty pictures, I really need a new camera

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