Monday, September 10, 2012


Like you, I get confused all the time on what makeup brush does what, what their names are and why is there so darn many of them!

Well were going to answer that question right this very moment - lets talk makeup brushes ladies.

SO, above is a list of the brushes I currently use every, single, day to do my makeup, I love each and everyone and they all have specific uses.
Most of the brushes are self explanatory, but there are some with different uses and weird names.
I want to talk about the Large shadow brush, so I use this brush mostly for my middle crease I find the shadow goes on well and the brush is large enough to cover the entire area.
Also the beauty blender is a really wonderful little tool that I simply adore, I use it to blend my foundation in, I don't always use it sometimes I'll use a different brush it just depends, I also use it to blend in my concealer when I apply the under eye concealer trick.
Mario Dedivanovic also uses the beauty blender for apply and blending.
The Bronzer brush I use for all my pressed powders as well as bronzer hence the name :p
The Kabuki brush I use for my blush and to apply shimmer powder to my check bones, girl's gotta highlight.
Hope you learned what your brushes are good for, comment or email if you have any questions.
love you

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