Sunday, September 23, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW : e.f.l. Cosmetics brushes

Foundation Brush     Small Smudge Brush

I recently pick up a couple new brushes the other day for only $1.00 at the dollar store, I know what your thinking well the quality of those brushes must be really poor considering they were only a dollar at the dollar store.

I don't know a whole lot about e.l.f cosmetics because here in Canada I don't see them around very much but I know in the states people love them because there cheap and they get the job done.

I purchused these two brushes, because my MAC foundation brush that I ordered from ebay broke ( yes it was a fake MAC brush ) and I didn't have the money for a high quality foundation brush.  The smudge eye sponge I had never heard of, so I thought I'd try them out and see if there any good.

I've heard that some of e.l.f makeup products aren't very good, like the eyeshadows always crease and dont have very good wear, but I think the brushes are pretty good for only paying a dollar, they're not high quality or anything and the packaging isn't anthing special but they get the job done and don't cost me an arm and a leg.

I have a mix of high end and low end makeup brushes in my brush collection and I think this is probably the best way to go. Theres some brushes that don't have to be high quality and you can get away with them being cheap and they do just fine and there's other brushes that need to cost a bit more to get a better look, and better quality

So  High quality and high price vs low quality low price which is better, it really depends on the product, theres products you want to be high end because you know they'll be good sometimes high end is better and sometimes low end is, you have to be the judge of that.

Pros and Cons
I liked that these brushes they were cheap and they'll do the job, the quality is on the low end side and the packaging is very cheap and nothing special. The texture was ok but a bit on the cheap side. In the end you get what you paid for.

My Conclusion
I love these brushes and would def by certain types of brushes from e.l.f
Qualtiy - packaging - 2 Texture - 6 overall - 5
Price : $1.00 CND
Location : dollarama

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