Saturday, September 22, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW : Givenchy - Dahlia Noir

Givenchy is yet another well known, high end, fashion house and has added to the definition of fashion with their beautiful clothing and creative ideas. Not only do they run a successful fashion house, but along with fashion they also have a fragrance and cosmetic collection thats very popular.

The Creative director, Riccardo Tisci, took a stab at perfecting the art of smell and designed his first every fragrance, Dahlia Noir also called " Black Dalia".

I think the fragrance is very lovely, its kinda modern and super elegant, makes me feel like a powerful, beautiful woman. This is what a woman should smell like.

It's very fruity but not over powering and is the perfect mixture of fruit, silk,aand rose well making you feel seductive and sexy. It's doesn't smell like a high end fragrance though and I was a bit disappointed in the cheapness of the smell after wearing it for a bit.

The fragrance didn't have that great of longevity and I was a bit disappoint in that since I love the smell so much.

Pros and Cons

I really loved this scent but I wish it would last longer when I'm wearing it. I also loved the rose, and fruit scents they really make me feel sexy and seductive. I like how the scent made me feel like I was high class stuff. Riccardo your OK in my books :)

My conclusion
I liked this fragrance but  it really isn't worth buying if the scent your wearing only lasts a half hour.


Quality - 6  packaging - 6   longevity - 3  scent - 8.5  Overall - 8

Price : 50ml $ 75.00

75ml $110.00

Location : Shoppers Drug mart

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