Tuesday, October 2, 2012


In 2011 I gave birth to the love of my life, my baby girl, but with pregnancy and childbirth came saggy parts and stretch marks, it's just not fun, and now your thinking to your self how do I get rid of my stretch marks.

When I was pregnant I used Palmer's cocoa butter and rubbed it all over my stomach every single night, but something I didn't know was you don't just get stretch marks on your stomach you get them everywhere. So after I had my baby I was thrilled to find I didn't get any stretch marks on my stomach but then they appeared out of no where, I had some on my behind and a lot on my chest, I was so mad I had tried so hard not to get stretch marks and there they were gross and ugly. Some women embrace their stretch marks, some call them tiger stripes, and some just want them gone.

After a couple months I decided I'd try some stretch mark cream, I heard about Bio oil it was on sale at shoppers, so I picked a bottle up. The first day I bought it I applied it once in the morning on my stretch marks and once in the evening. It says apply two times a day but for most of the time I usually only applied it once, after I had a shower. Another thing that'll help get maxium results is to dry scrub the stretch mark area before you get into the shower, then wash and apply the bio oil to the stretch marks, this helps because your scrubbing all the dead skin off so the oil will be absobed into the skin better.

At first I thought it was a bit oily but once I rubbed it into my skin it started to absorb, I did this once a day for months, of course I missed some days but the next day I kept applying it. It had a nice smell, it wasn't over powering, you couldn't smell it after it was absorbed into your skin but when you first pour some in your hand it smells wonderful, kinda reminds me of fall.

After a couple months I noticed my stretch marks were no longer as purple as they were, it seemed bio oil was working, my stretch marks were starting to get less noticeable. After about half a year of using it the ones on my butt complete disappeared, unless you stretch the skin. The marks on my chest were less noticeable but still there, then I got this tip on pinterest to wrap that body part in plastic wrap before bed, now I know that's kinda pushing it but if you really want to get rid of stretch marks try it. Rub the oil into your stretch marks then wrap that area in plastic wrap and go to bed when you wake up take the plastic wrap off. Now I have never tried this since I've heard about this after my stretch marks were gone, but I be careful you don't want to wrap it to tight and cut circulation off. Bio oil is also good for fine line, uneven skintone, scars, deyhdrated skin.


  1. The main problem of my friend is how to remove her stretch mark. I need to find the best way to get rid of stretch marks. I hope it works for her in this kind of treatment. Thanks.

  2. I did this with my stretch mark a couple months after having my baby and they def have disappeared, it's better to treat them when there first fresh and not years old, you have a better chance of them fading if you tackle them right away. Hope this works for her.