Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MY LOOK - Fall inspirated makeup look

Time for another Kassie makeup look yeaaaaaaaa don't be to excited guys hehehhee just kidding.

Ok enough of my mouth, since I bought my sleek makeup palette I played around with it and a no name cheap ebay palette I got awhile back and ended up created this very shimmery, colorful fall eye.

The bad part was I didn't take pictures throughtout my steps..........so this will not be a step by step tutorial but more like a exaplainationary tutorial.

If you would like to achieve this super color fall eye keep readin because I'm about to tell you how.

First I applied my foundation and followed through with my face makeup then I began with my eye by apply a very light orange color just in the middle crease and above, I then mixed a more shimmery stronger orange color into the same area.

After that I applied a very bright purple, I just used a hint of this on the end of my eye and the end of my crease, I call this the corner crease.

Once that was blended really wel I applied the same colors underneath my lower lash line, then I applied a very bright orange from the Sunet palette and just applied that into my crease.

I applied white powder in my tearduct area and as a highlighter underneath my browbone, I also applied a thicker layer of black powder along my upper lash line using the matte black in the sunset palette, it's such a perfect black for lineing your upper lashes it makes me squil with delight.
I applied the light brown-ie pink color to my entire lid, I used the color from the Suntset palette.

To finish the my look of I completed it with a very soft orangies - red lip which went really well with my brightly colored orange eye.

Sorry this wasn't step by step and there went pictures to show you guys :( my bad

Hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial


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